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. BEVERLEY NICHOLS  was  in  India  for
little ove** a year but into that period
he packed a great variety of experience.
The result is a book which is dynamic,
disturbing and of real value to all those
whcThave asked themselves the question
"to Quit or Xot to Quit.' One.of its--
most remarkable features is its revela-
tion of the manner in which orthodox
Hinduism still dominates the modern
scene, spreading religious fanaticism'
through politics, art, medicine, and even
the film industry. Many of Mr. NichoFs
conclusions will be at variance with
^ opular tradition, for example, his des-
cription of the recent famine in Bengal
and its tragic cause. A section of great
topical interest is devoted to the unborn
empire of Pakistan, for which 'Mr.-
Nichols presents the most lucid and
convincing plea yet published in this
country.                                               " '